“Kotmale” as a brand has stood for highest quality products at a reasonable price. Over the decades, it has become a well-known brand for Sri Lankans.

UHT Tetra Milk/Pasteurised Milk

`Kotmale` is the largest producer of pasteurized and UHT milk in the country. This flagship product of `Kotmale` which enjoys the market leadership is preferred by both children and adults of Sri Lanka. 

`Kotmale` Pasteurized & UHT milk are available in the form of flavoured and plain milk. 

`Kotmale` Chocolate and Vanilla flavoured milk is perceived to be the richest out of all flavoured milk available in the market. This product which is manufactured from pure fresh upcountry milk of Sri Lanka is not only popular for its freshness, but also for the creaminess and taste.



`Kotmale` is the largest manufacturer of Cheese in Sri Lanka.  It produces cheese of international quality maximising its expertise of manufacturing cheese over twenty five years.

The hotels, restaurants and catering sector contributes the highest volume to Kotmale cheese due to the regard earned from the `Chefs Guild` of Sri Lanka for its quality.

 `Kotmale` cheese which is available in the form of natural and processed cheese has a wide portfolio of processed, spiced processed & spread cheese in its processed cheese range and Swiss cheese, Ball cheese, Feta, Cottage, Pannier & Mozzarella in the natural cheese range.


`Kotmale` set yoghurt which is rich & milky due to use of pure fresh milk in its production process, has a clear identity among its competitors due to its unique square cup.
`Kotmale` produces Set & Non- fat yoghurt


Ice Cream

Kotmale Ice cream has won the hearts of consumers to be a rich & creamy ice cream produced to an international recipe with pure local “fresh milk”. Its basic range consisting of Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry & Mango flavours are rich with its creamy taste and has carved an identity of its own with its consumers against the competitors.  

The Kotmale “Fresh Fruit range” ice cream which is rich with real fresh fruit pieces, are a treat to the consumers who expect a unique experience of an ice cream. They are delighted with the fresh fruit range consisting of Mango and Fruit & Nut.

The “Signature Range” is truly world-class ice cream which simply exceeds the expectation of the consumer.

Only `Kotmale` offers an assortment of unique flavours in the calibre of Wild Berries, Butter Pecan and Richy Rich through its Signature Range. This magnificent premium ice cream range will always be the favourite choice of its consumers from the first taste experience.


Fresh Cream

This is made from fresh milk and it is mostly used for whipped cream in desserts and toppings. `Kotmale` is the largest producer and retailer of fresh cream in Sri Lanka.



Ghee is made from fresh milk and it is available at selected supermarkets and it is mainly distributed to the hotel, restaurant & catering sector.



Currently it’s mainly distributed to the hotel, restaurant & catering sector.  

Milk Powder

The `Kotmale` milk powder is imported from New Zealand and repacked into 400g retail and 400g & 1Kg welfare packs. It is also available in 25kg bulk packs.